Reversible Cables Neck Warmer/Scarf

I bought some lovely golden-orange yarn. I made a 10,000 Blessings Scarf with two skeins. Wanted something in reversible cables for the other two skeins, so I experimented. Then, when I finished one skein, it was a nice length for a short neck warmer, so I stopped. I’m thinking something with yarn-overs for the fourth skein…

Reversible Cables Neck Warmer/Scarf

a gift to you, from me, on my birthday


One skein of yarn makes an approximately 33” scarf (photo); two skeins should make about 65”.

Materials: Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold ; Colorway:  74 Orange (DK / 8 ply; 45% Wool, 35% Silk, 20% Nylon)

Needle: US 5 – 3.75 mm

The cables in this scarf are worked over four stitches.

C4F: Slip the first two stitches onto a cable needle; hold to the front. Knit next two stitches, then knit the two stitches off the cable needle.

Cast on 40 stitches. On every row, slip the first stitch as if to knit.

Ribbing: K4, P4 across for 10 rows.

Cable Pattern:
Next 2 rows: C4F, P4 across.
K4, P4 across for 6 rows.

Continue cable pattern to desired length.
K4, P4 across for 4 additional rows.
Bind off.


a different kind of waiting game

The first workday of the month always goes by quickly, generally due to spending most of my morning preparing a monthly report. Today was no exception. Additionally, I began a different kind of waiting game.

For nearly a year, I’ve been playing the wait-for-appealing-job-announcement-for-which-I’m-qualified, wait-for-phone-call-and-or-interview, wait-for-thanks-no-thanks-letters-if-I’m-lucky-to-hear-anything-at-all, rinse-and-repeat games. Now it’s the pending-approval waiting game.

Along the way today were nice and not-so-nice surprises : learning a co-worker is getting married ; comraderie-building with future — knock-on-wood — boss ; eating left-over Halloween cake ; changing my Tibetan photos calendar to a new page ; not freezing at work ; learning son had a work-related accident. You can decide which was which.

The Luxor capelet is almost finished. I completed the end ties while watching DVR’d Criminal Minds episodes tonight. Then, because I have so much left-over yarn, I frogged the bind-off and will continue knitting the body of the capelet until I run out. I’m like that : hate bits of leftover yarn of which there’s not enough with which to do anything else. It’s like hot dogs and buns … I like things to come out even.

Photos when the ends are woven.

[Brownie points if you can spot the tell-tale signs of a cataloger in the above paragraphs.]


Once again, I will try to successfully complete NaBloPoMo…

Today is, of course, also All Saints Day, a day my mother loved… based on the idea that all the righteous were honored on this day.

And it is the Día de los Inocentes — or Día de los Angelitos — the first day of the a de los Muertos. I hope someday I can be in Mexico for this celebration.


This year I’ve spent the day with the younger generation of my family, celebrating a little of my own private joy, and knitting a beautiful capelet with Lana Grossa Luxor, a yarn I purchases last January (or maybe December).

And now to sleep ( … perchance to dream). I wish good, restful sleep to all those dear to me who are struggling for the same.

“Knit” it your way

Saw ths today and just had to share:

The Hamburger Dress by Joy Kampia

Topped off, of course with:

The Sundae Dress

(Yes, I know they are crocheted.)

Rib, felt, wool or cotton?


I have this new drink bottle —

— and I want to knit a bottle cozie.

I’m thinking some kind of ribbing, so it hugs at the narrow part and fits around the wide parts. This idea eliminates making a felted cozie (I have a couple of cute patterns for those).

Perhaps an undulating ribbing…

The thing is, I want it to be absorbent, too.  Wool, then, or cotton??

Any ideas appreciated.

Future of Knit Mags

I am perhaps slow to become aware of the availability of digital subscriptions to the knitting magazines, but I think I am happy about it.

Usually, I browse the current issues of knitting magazines at my local bookstore, then select which ones to purchase. Subscriptions are certainly less expensive per issue than buying off the newstand, but we all know not every issue of every magazine is a “keeper.”

So, recently I noticed that Creative Knitting (you can get a sample digital issue at that link) and Verena US edition are available as digital subscriptions at a lower price than the print subscriptions. I will be placing my orders shortly.

I see some real benefits to this option. First, issues should be immediately available; no waiting for or loss in the mail.  Second, while I like to look at magazines (and read books) in hand, when I want to knit a pattern, I like to have the instructions handy on my computer or PDA.  Third, storage (and weight). How many of us sacrifice our magazine stash for space.  And space brings me to another advantage — at least, I hope it will be an element of the digital issues — and that is organization. Being able to find that particular pattern which you cannot remember the cutsie title of the article, or the issue the magazine, just the color, or type, or technique, or yarn!

Primarily, though, I wonder if — and hope that — this option may enable the publications to continue to exist.  We’ve all heard the falling circulation for newspapers, and with the hundred and hundreds (at least it seems that way) of magazines now being published, can they be far behind?

Off to check which other magazines are offering digital subscriptions . . .

Dem’s da breaks

Not a good way to head off to a job interview:

Although I don’t wear it often, this is was one of my favorite “special” beads. While trying to put it on a spiral beaded neckchain this morning, it slipped, bounced and shattered in my bathroom sink.

Somewhere I have a photo of how it used to look; I’ll try to find it later.

Oh. The interview. Well, who really knows until they call. Or don’t.

(I’m not as blue as I probably sound, so no worries, friends.)