Diamond Ribbed Hand/Wrist Warmers

— this is now my FIRST pattern available on Ravelry ! ! — 

Early this week, a co-worker showed me she had made these. On Thanksgiving Eve, I grabbed a skein of Patons SWS (Natural Demin) and made a pair.

My gauge with the recommended needle was only 5/inch instead of 5.5/inch, so they were a bit bigger. I like them okay, but want to do them over in smaller needle size.

In the meantime, I had an idea about diagonal ribbing, but the stitch patterns I found for “diagonal rib” were not true ribs. I determined that I would use increase/decreases to get the shape I wanted.

On the first attempt, I increased (then decreased for the second half) only at the end of every row, after casting on only 2 stitches. The result is an elongated diamond shape. It makes a nice little wrist-warmer, with a pointed overlap on the underside. The top of the hand is well-covered, and there is less bulk under the wrist.

The second attempt, increasing (decreasing) at the beginning and end of each row makes a nicely squared piece. I worked even for a few rows at the middle to have a wider area over the pulse point.  The finished “hand-topper” can be worn three ways: folded with points toward fingers, folded with points toward elbow, or not folded at all.

I love the thick fabic of the K1P1 ribbing that this method provides. Only problen ow is that I have one each of three wrist-warmers and need another skein of yarn!
Patterns follow.

Diamond Ribbed Wrist-Warmers

(These are fast to knit: about wo hours for a pair.)

Patons SWS, Natural Demin

US Size 6 needles

Cast on two stitches.

·         Slip 1st stitch on needle as if to purl; bring working yarn from front to back between slipped stitch and remaining stitch.  K1, P1 in the remaining stitch. Turn.

·         Slip 1st stitch as if to purl on every row.

·         Continue in K1P2 ribbing across every row.

·         Increase IN PATTERN* in last stitch of every row until there are 31 stitches (or until half the desired length, i.e., half-way around wrist including 1 ½ -inch overlap for closure).

·        Make one even row, then begin decreasing at end of each row until two stitches remain; cast-off.

*IN PATTERN INCREASE:   If last stitch is a knit stitch, K1P1 for increase.

If last stitch is a purl stitch, P1K1 for increase.

©2008 Cynthia S. Wetzel


Diamond Ribbed Hand-toppers / Cuff-warmers 

(Probably about 3-4 hours a pair.)

Patons SWS, Natural Demin

US Size 6 needles

Ribbing Gauge: 6 rows, 4 knit stitches = 1 inch

Cast on three stitches.

·         K1P1 in 1st stitch, K1, P1K1 in last stitch.

·         Continue to increase in 1st and last stitch of each row, in K1P1 pattern throughout row, until wide enough to reach around wrist.*

·         K1P1 even for 9 rows.

·         Now begin decreasing at beginning (K2tog or P2tog) and end (SSK or P2tog) of each row until three stitches remain; cast-off.

·         Seam together along the 9 even rows.

*Measure wrist; calculate number of stitches to gauge for widest row (model was 51 stitches).

©2008 Cynthia S. Wetzel


One Response to “Diamond Ribbed Hand/Wrist Warmers”

  1. mary anne Says:

    hey, these are beautiful, both patterns! Thank you for sharing.

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